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Definitely has ended or never used the practice
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Inquiry to company made August 22, 2019. Received response on August 22, 2019 from Corporate Communications Manager Amanda Pisano who stated: "Campbell does not use forced arbitration for any employment matters, including those involving sexual harassment claims."

Given this statement could include the possibility of the company requiring arbitration by default with an opt out clause, an additional follow-up inquiry was sent and the company was asked to identify which statement best described its approach:

(1) Campbell simply does not include any required arbitration for sexual harassment language in its policies / onboarding materials / agreements OR (2) requires arbitration by default with an opt out clause in its policies/on-boarding materials/agreements.

Company responded: "Your first statement is more descriptive of our policies. Campbell does not include any required arbitration for any employment disputes and we never have."

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If you have additional or conflicting information about this company's policies regarding the handling of sexual harassment claims, send a tip to

: status updated from Practices of concern to Definitely has ended or never used the practice