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Cigna Corp (NYSE: CI)

Practices of concern

Inquiry to company made August 22, 2019. On August 23, 2019 received the following response from Senior Director of External Affairs Elinor Polack: "As of today, it’s not accurate to say that all of Cigna requires mandatory arbitration for employment disputes, including sexual harassment, since it doesn’t. We are aware of the concerns in this area and have them under consideration."

Indicating that not all of Cigna requires mandatory arbitration means it's possible some parts of the company still do, so a follow-up inquiry was sent and the company's status is currently listed as "policies of concern" due to the inscrutability of its statement(s). Add'l / follow-up inquiry sent 2/10/21. 

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If you have information related to this company’s policy on the handling of workplace sexual harassment claims, send a tip to