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CVS Health (NYSE: CVS)

Requires arbitration by default (with opt-out provision)

Inquiry to company made August 22, 2019. Response received August 22, 2019. "Below is the policy and rationale for CVS Health on this matter: We utilize a voluntary arbitration program to resolve legal disputes between employees and the Company. In general, arbitration is less formal, more efficient and less time-consuming than the traditional court process, and employees who choose to participate in the program will have the ability to make the same claims and recover the same remedies. The arbitration program does not replace our existing employee dispute resolution procedures. It also does not does not prevent employees from making benefit claims or filing complaints with any federal, state or local agencies. Arbitration is a standalone program. Colleagues have the ability to opt out of the arbitration program. If they don’t opt out, then arbitration would apply to their claims."