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Dell Technologies Inc (NYSE: DELL)

Definitely has ended or never used the practice

Inquiry to company made August 22, 2019. Response received with a request for clarifying information on August 22, 2019. Clarifying information provided August 22, 2019. Received the following statement from Dell's Media Relations team: "Even for those employees who did not opt out of the mediation and arbitration process, Dell policy provides team members who experience sexual harassment the immediate choice to pursue the case in court or in arbitration. The opt out option is for all claims including, but not limited to, sexual harassment. The choice after opt out is for sexual harassment claims only. So team members pursuing a sexual harassment claim have two chances to choose to pursue their claims in court. Team members with other claims have one choice point." Status in the database set to "Requires arbitration for by default (with opt out)." 

Follow up inquiry made Feb 22, 2021. Response received indicating Dell no longer uses the practice of requiring arbitration for sexual harassment claims at all. 

: status updated from Requires arbitration by default (with opt-out provision) to Definitely has ended or never used the practice