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Evergy Inc. (NYSE: EVRG)

Requires arbitration by default (with opt-out provision)
PR Contact
Gina Penzig

Inquiry to company made. Received response from Evergy External Communications Manager Gina Penzig who stated, "Evergy has a dispute resolution program for our non-union employees that covers many types of employer/employee disputes, including but not limited to sexual harassment claims. The program provides a multi-step program in which the company and the employee can attempt to resolve complaints cooperatively before moving to arbitration. It allows the parties to jointly agree to waive the arbitration requirements." Requested company confirm that (1) non-union employees must take a proactive step of some kind in order to refrain from going through the arbitration process and (2) employees are able to access the U.S. criminal justice system to address sexual harassment claims if they prefer. Ms. Penzig confirmed that a proactive step must be taken to opt out of the program and also that Evergy's program "does not limit anyone’s ability to report a crime or to access the criminal justice system."