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Franchise Group Inc (FRG)

Requires arbitration for sexual harassment

Inquiry sent to company. The following response was received, "Currently, some of our subsidiaries have never and do not force arbitration for employment disputes while others have policies that require arbitration of all employment disputes, including sexual harassment."

For the purposes of this database, when any portion of a company's workforce is required to use arbitration for sexual harassment, it is listed in the database as "Definitely requires arbitration for sexual harassment." 

The company noted that although it requires arbitration for some employees, "it should be noted that nothing in the arbitration agreements...prevents or prohibits an employee...from reporting, communicating about, or disclosing claims for discrimination, harassment of any kind, or retaliation."

This could be interpreted to mean that while employees are required to use arbitration to settle any sexual harassment claims (aka are not free to take those claims to a court of law) they are not under an NDA or non-disclosure agreement and are therefore free to discuss their claims with family, friends, etc.