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Intuit Inc. (NASDAQ: INTU)

Definitely has ended or never used the practice

Inquiry to company made. Assistant General Counsel Marc Fernandez stated in an email obtained by Force the Issue, "Intuit has never had a mandatory or forced arbitration program."  

Mr. Fernandez also stated, "For a short period, we did have a voluntary, pre-dispute arbitration program, that allowed employees to choose whether they agree to arbitration. It was never intended to deter individuals who experienced sexual harassment from coming forward or talking about their concerns and no employee ever complained about our program. To avoid any misperception about the intent of the program, however, we ended it in May 2018."

Company confirmed to Force the Issue that it simply does not use required arbitration language in its policies/agreements (versus requiring arbitration by default with an opt out provision.) 

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: status updated from Probably requires arbitration for sexual harassment to Definitely has ended or never used the practice