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MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM)

Definitely has ended or never used the practice

Inquiry to company made August 26, 2019. Response received from SVP of Global Corporate Communications Deba Deshong on August 27, 2019 with a request for a meeting. Meeting held August 28, 2019. Company indicated its policy is to require arbitration for sexual harassment claims for a select number of corporate employees. Company was advised of how it would be listed in this database. ("Requires arbitration for sexual harassment claims.")

On August 30, 2019 received a follow up communication from Ms. Deshong with the following statement, "Our general counsel has determined that we will no longer utilize mandatory arbitration for allegations of sexual harassment.  I can affirm that this is our current company policy."

In a follow-up inquiry, MGM Resorts was asked if it is simply not including arbitration language in its policies or if the company is requiring arbitration by default with an opt-out provision. No response received received.

On September 17th, MGM Resorts confirmed by mail that all language requiring arbitration for sexual harassment claims been removed from its policy materials including employee handbooks, agreements / contracts, and on-boarding materials. 

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: status updated from Practices of concern to Definitely has ended or never used the practice