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State Farm Insurance Cos (n/a)

Definitely has ended or never used the practice
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Inquiry to company made August 29, 2019. Response received August 30, 2019 from Public Affairs Senior Specialist Chris Pilcic indicating company would research its policies on arbitration for sexual harassment claims.

On Sept 19, 2019, Force The Issue sent State Farm notification that the database is live with a link to its record. Received a response on Friday, Sep 20 from Public Affairs Specialist Gina Morss-Fischer who stated, "State Farm does not require arbitration of sexual harassment claims and has no record of having done so at any time." When asked to clarify whether State Farm simply does not include arbitration language in its policies / agreements / on-boarding materials OR if it requires arbitration by default with an opt out provision, State Farm clarified, "State Farm does not require arbitration of sexual harassment claims in any context."

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If you have information related to this company’s policy on the handling of workplace sexual harassment claims, send a tip to

: status updated from Probably requires arbitration for sexual harassment to Definitely has ended or never used the practice