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Unilever NV (NYSE: UN)

Definitely has ended or never used the practice
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Inquiry to company made Sept 6, 2019. On September 12, Investor Relations Manager Clio Adam responded w/ the following statement: "Unilever does not have a policy requiring employees to use arbitration for sexual harassment claims. More generally on this matter, Unilever publishes on all of our Code of Business Principles and Code Policies including ‘Respect, Dignity & Fair Treatment. Unilever will respectfully and diligently investigate any allegations raised in full compliance with applicable local laws and regulations." 

Given that the policy document shared by Unilever did not offer specifics on how the company handles sexual harassment claims, Force the Issue sent a follow up email to the company on September 13th requesting clarification as to whether the company just flat out does not include required arbitration language in any of the materials/agreements employees receive or if it requires arbitration by default with an opt out clause. On September 13, Clio Adam replied, "Unilever does not have a policy requiring arbitration in relation to sexual harassment." 

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: status updated from Probably requires arbitration for sexual harassment to Definitely has ended or never used the practice